domingo, 19 de agosto de 2007

M2M - Miss popular

Miss popular
She's miserable
Why make everyone else miserable too?
Oh, can't she see?
What she's putting innocent people through

Miss popular
Everything she does is wrong
Everywhere she goes
They'll be looking
Everywhere she turns
They'll be whispering
Oh, miss popular

What is happening?
She could have used
Her title for a good case
But instead she spits in everybody's face

It is happening
Oh, so now you know how it feels to be insignificant
Oh, so now you know how it feels to be all alone
Oh, when the lights go off
You can still dream of yourself
How hot you were
Miss popular
Everybody hates you
Poor Miss popular
I don't feel a bit sorry for you

Now she knows - There she goes

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